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The venture of the Wong Coco Group began in 1986 with the establishment of PT. Keong Nusantara Abadi that produced escargots (snails meat) which most of them were entirely exported overseas. The first escargot processing factory was first set up in Natar, Lampung. Snails meat, which initially didn’t look that much appealing to Indonesians is actually a favorite and luxury item for people worldwide.

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To become the market leader as the number one food and beverage producer in Indonesia.


To always committed to customer satisfaction by constantly supplying high quality, hygienic and flavourful products. It’s been our commitment that we always strive to produce high quality products that can compete in an international market, as well as becoming a leader in the industry. Thus, Wong Coco Group is not only just a profit oriented company, but it also holds up high social responsibility to society.

Export Department

Ever since the establishment of PT. Keong Nusantara Abadi, most of its products have been exported all over the world and it has become our commitment to raise our benchmark for export numbers from year to year.

Distribution Network

Wong Coco’s products are exported to many countries, such as Africa, America, Australia, Austria, the Netherland, Canada, Hongkong, India, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and other European countries. Prime products: escargots, nata de coco, jubes, aloe vera.

TV Commercial


Ayo ikuti serunya perjalanan StarZelly yang lucu dan menggemaskan! StarZelly adalah mascot dari MyJelly yang merupakan produk Jelly dari Wong Coco. MyJelly adalah jelly favorit si kecil yang dibuat dengan tanpa bahan pengawet dan gula asli tanpa pemanis buatan, serta Nata de Coco untuk melengkapi sensasi kunyah yang menyenangkan.

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