Wong Coco

The venture of the Wong Coco Group began in 1986 with the establishment of PT. Keong Nusantara Abadi that produced escargots (snails meat) which most of them were entirely exported overseas. The first escargot processing factory was first set up in Natar, Lampung. Snails meat, which initially didn’t look that much appealing to Indonesians is actually a favourite and luxury item for people worldwide.


In addition to escargot that is internationally renowned especially in France and Canada, PT. Keong Nusantara Abadi strives to extend its other food and beverage lines, such as Nata de Coco, Aloe Vera, Palm Fruits, Jelly, Ice Bon-Bon, Grass Jelly, Soursop Juice, Ice Coffee, Baby Corn, Sweet Corn, Fermented Bean Curds, Pudding, etc.

The Leading Producer

PT. Keong Nusantara Abadi boasts to be the leading producer of canned nata de coco beverage similar to soft drink. Presently, Wong Coco’s nata de coco is the leader of nata de coco market in Indonesia.

Wong Coco Motor

Departing from the food and beverage business, the Wong Coco Group extended more of its business into the automotive spare part industry by establishing PT. Wong Coco Motor in year 2000 which engaged in the production and importation of industrial vehicle spare parts.

Sengon Wooden

In 2009, PT. KNA launched a new division “thinkWood” that manufactured wood packaging made out of Sengon Wood material with export as its primary market orientation. Sengon wood is environmentally friendly and adds intrinsic value to Wong Coco Group as a corporation that cares about its surrounding environment.